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All the wines of the Grelaud vineyard are made, aged and bottled in the cellar in Gours. The vat -cellar contains concrete vats and barrels in oak, and now, some stainless steel vats. The total capacity is 120 000 liters so, it is possible to have an adapted ageing for each wine.

Dry white wines are only a little part of our production. They are made in vats or in barrels at low temperature and are ageing on less with a lot of delicacy. The grape variety : Sauvignon is the most important and gives to the wine subtle and orignal hints. Red Wines : the red harvest are destemmed in totality and are vinfied in vats. The fermentation on skins can last up to 30 days. after the alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation, the ageing is realised in concrete vats or in barrels in oak ; it depends on the oenological potentialities of each production. Usualy, we age the wine for 9 to 12 months before the bottling which is made atthe family run-estate.

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